Student-Centred Learning

Students choose what they wish to learn and work at their own pace.

Capture Student Learning

Students hand in evidence in order to complete each activity.

Student Accounts

Use your school-provided Google accounts.


Add, change or delete content to suit the specific needs of your students.

Device Neutral

Powered by Google Classroom, FrenchQuest works on any device.

What is French Quest?

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FrenchQuest is a method of French teaching that uses Google Classroom.
Buy the starter kit and receive:

  • FrenchQuest Teacher’s Guide

  • Je me présente mission

  • Ma famille mission

  • Quests – guided student inquiry process

  • The ability to customize all content

  • Support in our teacher Facebook community

  • Printable conversation prompts

  • And more…


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FrenchQuest in Action

Example of One School’s Implementation