Welcome to FrenchQuest

FrenchQuest is a tool that supports blended learning in the French language learning classroom.

Students login to FrenchQuest and are able to direct their own learning goals by choosing the badges they would like to earn. Each badge comes with a set of instructions and links to any required learning materials. Students explore and work at their own pace. All completed work can be submitted directly through FrenchQuest at which point it is reviewed by the teacher. Students receive feedback on all submissions and earn their badge when the goals have been successfully completed.

During class time, students are able to seek clarifications from the teacher and learn collaboratively with their peers while working towards their goals.

Students are able to continue their work on FrenchQuest outside of class time; however, this is not required.

Why FrenchQuest?

  • Individualized learning & increased student engagement

  • Develops technology-enabled independent learning skills

  • Encourages goal setting and self-reflection

  • Allows the teacher to support focused small group learning

How can I sign up for FrenchQuest?

You are minutes away from your very own website, blog, and gamified learning management system. Our quick start template means you are ready to go right away while our powerful WordPress-based back end puts you in control of every detail. Add, edit or delete content to create a site that meets the needs of your students.

I recommend using a non-board email address to sign up since many school boards’ email filters are quite strong and may discard our confirmation emails. Though the site will ask you to pick a payment plan in order to create your site, every account begins with a free two week trial period. Your account will not be charged until the trial period is over and you may cancel anytime. Try it out today to make sure that FrenchQuest is right for you.

Have questions, comments or feedback? You are welcome to fill out the contact form below, like FrenchQuest on Facebookvisit my blog, or follow me on twitter.

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