The new improved FrenchQuest is now here!

Purchase your starter kit today through our store on Teachers Pay Teachers.


What’s included in the starter kit?

  • A teacher’s guide with information about FrenchQuest and instructions on how to set it up using Google Classroom
  • All the files, links and ideas you will need to get started with:
    • Mission: Je me présente
    • Mission: Ma famille
    • Quests
    • Challenges
    • Awards
  • Printable conversation prompts to help develop spontaneous conversational interaction

What technology is required to use FrenchQuest?

  • The teacher and students must have Google accounts
  • You do not require 1:1 access to devices to make FrenchQuest work. For optimal use, 1 device per 2 students is ideal but it can also work with fewer devices with a few simple tweaks. Students are encouraged to collaborate and can share devices. As well, you may wish to run a guided learning group where 5-6 students are with the teacher for a mini-lesson (and therefore don’t need devices) while other students work on FrenchQuest. It’s also encouraged to integrate in no-tech options as part of the FrenchQuest philosophy of choice – have a bin of books students can choose to read, a special craft centre with instructions in French (e.g., something for a holiday), board games to practice spoken interaction, etc.
  • Have very limited tech but still want to try FrenchQuest? Use it as an option for early finishers, a “tech centre” as part of a rotation, or as an extra challenge for homework.

What grades can I use FrenchQuest with?

  • All grades! The starter content is aimed at students at the CEFR A1 level of proficiency. It can be easily adapted to level A2 or higher.
  • FrenchQuest is rooted in student-driven learning which means that students will self-differentiate. No one likes to be bored or frustrated. If a task is easy, a student may finish it quickly and move on – or add an extra layer of complexity to challenge themselves. If a task is too hard, a student may approach it more simply (“scratch the surface”), opt to collaborate with a peer who can assist them, or take lots of time to explore related resources to learn and grow. Students can keep trying at a task as long as they need in order to be successful! Rich tasks and lots of choices mean that FrenchQuest can work for anyone and for a large variety of needs at once. FrenchQuest is perfect for teachers who have multiple grades, split grades, students on IEPs, etc.

What’s new?

If you checked out FrenchQuest in the past, here’s what’s different now:

  • FrenchQuest now uses Google Classroom (instead of a custom website) as the tool to present options and collect student work
    • Smooth integration with the full G Suite of tools
    • More user friendly! No more need to learn WordPress in order to customize FrenchQuest
  • No more monthly subscription fees! FrenchQuest used to cost $99.99/year and is now available for a one time cost of $49.99.